• Ephesus


    EPHESUS One of the most important centers of civilization, science, culture and arts in the ancient world. Some of the
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  • Basilica of St. John

    Basilica of St. John

    BASILICA OF ST. JOHN Is a great church in Ephesus constructed by Emperor Justinian in the 6th century. It stands
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  • House of Virgin Mary

    House of Virgin Mary

    HOUSE OF VIRGIN MARY Is located on the top of the "Bulbul" mountain 9 km ahead of Ephesus green and
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  • Church of Virgin Mary

    Church of Virgin Mary

    CHURCH OF VIRGIN MARY Is a church of great historical significance located in Ephesus. It is also known as the
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  • Terrace Houses

    Terrace Houses

    TERRACE HOUSES These two story, peristyle courtyard houses used as residential dwellings during Roman era are well preserved . The mosaic
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  • Ephesus Museum

    Ephesus Museum

    EPHESUS MUSEUM Recently renovated Ephesus Museum welcomes exhibits magnificent artifacts of Ephesus and Anatolian archeology. Highlights include the statues of
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  • Temple Of Artemis

    Temple Of Artemis

    TEMPLE OF ARTEMIS “I have gazed on the walls of impregnable Babylon along which chariots may race, and on the
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  • Seven Sleepers

    Seven Sleepers

    SEVEN SLEEPERS The site of the Seven early Christians that were sealed into a cave where the legend says they
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  • Byzantine Aqueducts

    Byzantine Aqueducts

    BYZANTINE AQUEDUCTS These Byzantine aqueducts, which start at the east of the St.John and has remained undamaged in the district
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  • Selçuk Castle

    Selçuk Castle

    SELÇUK CASTLE Locally known as Ayasuluk Kalesi or Selçuk Kalesi, lies on a dominant hill in Selçuk. First built by
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  • Priene


    PRIENE The ruins of the Ionian city of Priene are picturesquely situated on a slope of Mykale mountain. They provide
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  • İsa Bey Mosque

    İsa Bey Mosque

    İSA BEY MOSQUE Is one of the most delicate examples of Seljukian architecture, situated below the basilica of Saint John.
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  • Miletus


    MILETUS Is an ancient Greek city, lying near the mouth of the Meander River. It is the birthplace of mathematician
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  • Şirince Village

    Şirince Village

    ŞİRİNCE VİLLAGE This pretty old Orthodox village,once called Cirkince (ugly) is 10 km away from our hotel. Indeed its habitants
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  • Didyma


    DIDYMA The ancient Didyma, called Didim today, was the most renowned sanctuary of the Hellenic world. It was connected to
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  • Monuments From 13th Century

    Monuments From 13th Century

    MONUMENTS FROM 13TH CENTURY Many mosques, masjids, hammams from 13 th Century are located within walking distance to our hotel.
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  • Hierapolis


    HIERAPOLIS PAMUKKALE Hierapolis is an ancient city located on the top of Pamukkale and is a World Heritage site. The
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  • Pamucak Beach

    Pamucak Beach

    PAMUCAK BEACH Set 10 km from our hotel Pamucak is one of the longest strech of beaches in Turkey. Between
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  • Laodikeia


    LAODIKEIA Laodikeia is located 6 km north of the modern city of Denizli on the road to Pamukkale (Hierapolis). It
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  • Çamlık Train Museum

    Çamlık Train Museum

    ÇAMLIK TRAIN MUSEUM It is the largest railway museum in Turkey and contains one of the largest steam locomotive collections
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  • Sardes


    SARDES Sardis was an important ancient city and capital of the kingdom of Lydia, in western Turkey. Its strategic location
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  • Belevi Mausoleum

    Belevi Mausoleum

    BELEVİ MAUSOLEUM Belevi Mausoleum is the second largest ancient mausoleum in Anatolia. It is a monumental tomb from the Hellenistic
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  • Pergamon


    PERGAMON This ancient Greek city is situated 25 kilometers from the Aegean Sea on an isolated hill . Pergamon existed at
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  • Aphrodisias


    APHRODISIAS It is a small ancient Greek city in the historic Caria, cultural region of western Anatolia named after Aphrodite,
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